The Floor Sanding Process
Wood Floor Specialists – Last Man Sanding

Last Man Sanding is a family run and owned wood floor sanding and wood floor renovation company based in South London and covering South London and Surrey including Fulham, Chelsea, Richmond, Putney, Wimbledon, Teddington, Clapham, Kingston, Balham and Wandsworth.

Preliminary Preparation

Before we start sanding we check for loose boards and joists. Any problems are nailed down and fixed. If any floorboards need replacing we use reclaimed wood and match it as closely as we possibly can.


Initial sanding varies dependent on the surface and how uneven the floor is. For a typical pine floor we usually start on 40 grit, for engineered floors we would start on 60 grit . Choosing the correct grit to start with is essential as you do not want to put in scratches that don’t need to be there, this creates a bad sanding job and robs the life off the floor. All floors are finished to the best standard possible and the last cut is depending on the finish and stain you have chosen.

Gap Filling on Wooden Floors

Our main method for filling gaps between pine floor boards is reclaimed slivers, for this we usually make our first pass with the belt sander at a slight angel so the floor is flat. All gaps are then clear, we then hand cut all slivers, apply glue and insert them into the gaps. This is then allowed to dry overnight to go hard and then we cut them flush to the floor. Another option is our flexible filler which comes in a wide variety over colours allowing for a creative effect.

Staining and Finishing Wood Floors

This is the most important part of the job and it cannot be rushed, rushing results in a poor finish that will not last and can cost you more in the long run. After we are happy with the sanding process and have made sure there is no scratches in the floor and we have hoovered the whole floor area, skirting’s doors and sides we then start to stain or apply the finish to your floor.

Our personal stain of choice is Ciranova  they have such a wide variety of colours shades and effects that are endless and most of all the ones we use are water base so no harmful fumes here! Our finish of choice is LOBA, again they have no harmful fumes and provide the best water base finishes and natural oils that are available.

The Complete Wood Flooring Maintenance Service

Last Man Sanding can provide a complete periodic cleaning and resealing/oiling of your wood floors which will prolong the look and finish.

Regular maintenance of your wood floors not only has them looking at their best all year round, it can save you the cost of expensive comprehensive repairs.

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